IB Design Technology

MAJOR DESIGN PROJECT:  For the final big project of the year, students identify a pain point and then design/build a solution. Projects currently under development include:

  • Bluetooth necklace
  • Convertible hijab
  • Salad shaker
  • Multi-purpose cutting board
  • Phone case with embedded car FOB
  • 3D printer filament feeder
  • Clipboard v2.0
  • Baby mask
  • Goalkeeper gloves v2.0
  • …and more

Sustainable Engineering & Design

CAPSTONE PROJECT: For their culminating project, students are challenged to develop a positive impact project that addresses energy.  Projects include the following:

  • Drones for natural disaster response
  • Cellphone projector
  • Inglemoor HS Energy Audit
  • Fuel cell for mopeds
  • Music industry
  • Coffee industry
  • High School of the Future
  • 5th Ave theater audit
  • Consumerism
  • Energy STEM kits

Section coming soon.

group 4: cardboard challenge

The cardboard challenge is a project we do at the beginning of IB Design & Technology to get students in the shop, doing design, and working together. We give the students about four weeks to complete the project. The main constraints entail only the use of cardboard to construct a chair that can comfortably hold [...]

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am I teaching?

I’m not posting blog updates as frequently as I had envisioned.  Part of the problem is that the students this year are just super motivated.  It’s been a blast!  I decided to take a moment to reflect this morning about the year so far.  One of the things that always plagues my mind is that [...]


real presenters bring gourds

We launched the growIHS project this week in SED. To help kick things off, advisory board member and all around awesome guy, Kurt Sahl/21 acres, came in to bring students up to speed on all things related to growing local. And he brought gourds as prizes – now there’s a guy who knows how to [...]

Alex Diener

Pensar Development

Alex wakes at the crack of dawn, without the aid of coffee, and creates behavior-driven products and interactions as the Creative Director of Pensar Development. He has experience designing for clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to bootstrapping startups. Illumagear, Sonosite Ultrasound, Gunnar Optics, Fluke, and Cardiac Science have all benefited from his keen design eye and attention to detail. He graduated from Western Washington University Industrial Design and attended Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen.

Lauren Fruge


Lauren manages the implementation of regional resource conservation programs for K-12 school districts and commercial offices that focus on both operations and occupant engagement.  Her work with our students provides them with industry relevant and engaging experiences in the built environment.

Mark Lenssen

Puget Sound Energy

Mark leads a team of energy efficiency engineers that help businesses find ways to save energy at their facilities. He also manages the commercial new construction energy efficiency program, where business and building owners, engineers, architects, and contractors leverage the program to financially support the inclusion of energy efficiency upgrades in new buildings.

Sean McBeath

Igor Institute

Sean is a co-founder of Igor Institute, a Seattle-based product development consultancy, where he works as a mechanical engineer (most of the time). In his day-to-day work, he helps startups (and some big companies) navigate the early stages of product development, providing a mechanical perspective on technical feasibility, product architecture, proof-of-concept testing, and prototype development.